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Tim Swarbrick

Every Tuesday Night <> 7:30 til 11:30





The man who appeared in person playing music for the opening of theConcord mall. 
The man who was one of the first even to teach Jazz at the Wilmington Music School , Sanford Prep, Friends School and other Music Teaching facilities in Music Stores etc..
The man who did the first ever Tribute to Clifford Brown in Delaware & one of the first in NYC.
The man who Published a newspaper in NYC called Musicians Classified and also Ran Jazz Interactions a non profit organization that promoted Jazz as an art form.
One of a handfulll of muisicans that kept music alive downtown Wilmington during the riots of MLK.
the man who started te the firsit STAR Wars Fan clubs.
The man who was first to sell T shirts on the parade route for ST  Pat's in NYC and started the I SURVIED ST PATS DAY & introduced the St. Pats ts' to places like Ofriels etc.
Santa Claus at the NCC Farmers market and Macys and Bambergers in NYC. The man who helped start the Korea War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC and helped start the local chapters in DE.
The man who has too much history behind him that he now has a big behind ... "NOT".


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