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Karl Jones

Every Tuesday Night <> 7:30 til 11:30





I started in the mid 60's on the alto in grade school,  stopped music for a few years and then screamed into a mike and played bass in a high school rock band. Came to Philly in 1974 to study visual arts, went to PCA '74-'75, transferred to PAFA '75-'79 and
received a European travelling scholarship '78. I had picked up the guitar the summer before starting college and fell in love with finger style ragtime and delta blues. That led me to working at the Cherry Tree Folk Club in '75, helping out with the house sound system and friendship and guitar studies with Jack McGann, '76- '78 . The Cherry Tree led to working house
sound for the Fox Hole and I was able to meet people like R.R. Kirk, M.Roach, A. Shepp, Chicago Art Ensemble, etc. and became more interested in
post war modern sounds. I studied jazz and East Indian theory with local alto player Steve Marcucci '78- '80 who, like Jack, had great musical gifts and abilities to convey them. Stopped playing altogether in '83 to raise a family and concentrate on painting. Picked up the instrument in '96 and returned to studying with my record collection. Formed the Small Stream Jazz
Quartet in '99 w/ Judd Paster on alto, Len Oranzi on bass and Bob Fant on drums. Judd and Len were too busy so we now feature the artistic Steve Croce on piano, the incredible Dr. Bruce Goldman on bass and luckily Bob still sits in the drivers seat when he's not working Zanzibar or some other Highfalootin' joint. You can find us at the Society Hill Hotel in Phila., 3rd & Chestnut every other Mon. night from 8pm-11:30pm with occasional guest artist's. If you call, ask for the Mon. night Steve Croce is playing, 6/3/02 is our next gig there. Private cocktail party's with an edge is our
specialty, you can contact us at tackleme@dca.net

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