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Jan. 7, 2003b

Every Tuesday Night <> 7:30 til 11:30



Jan. 7, 2003c


*See the Picture Gallery for pictures from the past!

If you see your picture here without your I.D. or a misspelled name, please email me so I can fix it. Be sure to mention the date. Thanks .... BigJim@23cafe.com

Greg Moore, Byard Lancaster, Bill Davis & Bob Binder

Frank Murphy

Jon Ball & Judge Dick Klein

Walter Jaka, __, Hal Rutenberg, Byard Lancaster & Mifflin Baker

Lump King & "Bootsie" Barnes

Joey Kay & "Big Jim" Dofton

"Big Jim" & Bill Davis

Jon Ball & ChaBus

Jimi & Donna Odell

Jimi Odell

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