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Dennis Venuti

Every Tuesday Night <> 7:30 til 11:30






1212 Mollbore Terrace

Philadelphia, Pa. 19148


Dennis Venuti was influenced greatly by jazz at an early age, always learning and creating intricate and interesting drum patterns, and never happy to be “just an average drummer”.  He diligently and extensively studied jazz and rock styles with an aim to create new sounds for the drumset, by using complex drum patterns that are both unique and visually exciting.  An extremely creative individual, Dennis’s music shows great strength-dynamically, melodically, and rhythmically. 

He performed with many bands throughout his early years and upon entering college, he majored in percussion and minored in piano.  Continuously teaching drums since his early twenties, recording with local artists, playing in bands and always creating, keeps Dennis extremely active in the music world.  His strongest influences are Louie Bellson, John Bonham, Billy Cobham, Joe Morello and Buddy Rich just to name a few. 

He has produced a library of instructional drum videos and books for the beginning, intermediate and advanced drummer which are available upon request. For further information, you may reach Dennis at  215-336-4693 or 215-462-6096.  

See Dennis's Venue Page   dennis_venuti1.htm  for his video & book listing and prices.



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